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IT Support CA

IT Support CA is a Leading Managed IT Services Company. If you are asking yourself, when is the last time I went a few days without dealing with a computer problem? You need to change your current way of managing your Network and Computers.

Our approach is a quite different than your old IT company ,or in house IT personnel. We live monitor for Hardware Failures, Software Updates, System Integrity, Network Integrity, and Security.  This allows us to fix most problems before you have down time, in turn saving you time, frustration, and ultimately money.

Managed IT Service Provider

Customer Support

Top notch US based customer support, we are always here when you need us 24/7/367. You will always receive Knowledgeable & Courteous Customer Support.

High Return on Investment

Many companies today are finding that their computer systems can ultimately undermined their profitability and customer satisfaction.


Our Technicians minimum requirements: 5 years experience, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Degree, and a Bachelors in Computer Science.

15 Years in Business

Proven track record and knowledge in the field, ask for references anytime.

Detailed Quartly Reports

See what you are paying for, every problem gets a ticket not matter what we do.

No Contracts

Cancel your services at any time

Our Services

IT Support CA becomes your in-house IT Support, the only difference in calling your normal IT guy and us is the number and world class service.
We provide enterprise level Antivirus on all equipment, our security assessments are methodical and based on our proven track record. We can live monitor your network if your compliance requires it, or if you just want peace of mind.
Whether its HIPPA, BARE, or any other type of agency. We keep you compliant from start to finish, we fill out all the paperwork and meet with their staff on your behalf.
We provide Enterprise level Hardware and Software support for all Windows and Linux Servers.
We provide Enterprise level Network Support for Small, Medium and Large businesses.
We do most of our support after hours by the request of our customers. They like not having to stop work, to wait on us.

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We have dealt with over 15,000 customers in 100+ countries . Meet our customers.